ALP 2023 Judges, Emcees, & Den Daddies

Meet our ALP 2023 Judging & Emcee panel and our amazing Den Daddy!

Bamm-Bamm and Sister Sissy Sweet Tea

Bamm-Bamm (they/them) is a switchy sexual opportunist who loves bootblacking and erotic energy exchange. They are one of the only people to have won two major international leather titles: International Leatherboy 2012 and International Mr. Bootblack 2015. As the Abbess of the NYC (dis)Order of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, they serve the community as their colorful Sister persona, Panti Heaux. Based in Cincinnati, OH, they travel worldwide teaching perverts, judging contests, emceeing events, and just generally being a slut. Known to their followers as the “Traveling Cumpuppy”, Bamm can often be found documenting their slutty adventures for social media and fan sites. Bamm-Bamm is the head of the House of Velveteen, a caring Daddy to their little, Dougie, Owner to their property, Tyesha Best, while also working to be a loving boyfriend to their partner, Ry.

Sissy SweetTea
Sister Sissy SweetTea is a Fully Professed Sister of the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. This is her her third time officially supporting ALP having previously been a co-host and a judge for the event.
Sister Sissy visited her first leather bar, The Atlanta Eagle when she moved to Atlanta in 1992 and she has been in a complicated relationship with all gear ever since. After over 2 years, she is proud to welcome all the judges, contestants, and attendees to the return of this contest…Finally!

Den Daddy

Daddy Rod

Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2016

Daddy Rod is a native of San Jose, CA and currently lives in the Atlanta area. He has been a part of the Leather and BDSM/Kink Community for over 24 years with the last 20 years in the Atlanta area. He is currently the President of ONYX Southeast, Treasurer of the ONYX National Council, the Co-Founder of the Atlanta BDSM Workshops, and Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2016.

His involvement within the Atlanta Leather/BDSM and Kink community, and ONYX in particular, has helped Daddy Rod embrace his kinks, the history of People of Color in the Leather community preserving our Leather History!  He truly enjoys educating individuals of all races, genders and sexual orientations about the Leather/BDSM community and most importantly, sexual exploration through various kinks and fetishes. 

Daddy Rod is an avid health/fitness enthusiast, loves traveling around the world, and loves many genres of music. He is a former Radio DJ and also enjoys game shows!

ALP 2023 Judges

Scott Wolf, Judge

Mr Atlanta Eagle Rubber 2022

Mr. Atlanta Eagle Rubber 2022, has been calling the Atlanta Eagle home since his first introduction to the bar in 2016. The community he found encouraged the continues exploration of his sexuality, and now he enjoys spending his nights out learning about others and encouraging their curiosity. He has found that a lot of people are curious about rubber, and is always glad to answer all their questions. especially when they ask if they can feel it. Scott is not daunted by any questions you might have regarding human sexuality or the kink/fetish community, and has even been interviewed by Vice regarding the rubber community. Feel free to ask, and he can’t answer it, he’ll introduce you to someone who does. Stay curious. 

Brianna “Bunni” Trei, Judge

Ms Atlanta Eagle 2022

Brianna “Bunni” Trei is Ms Atlanta Eagle 2022, with a mission of helping to bring visibility to POC, queer, and female bodied individuals within the community. She has collaborated with local queer organizations to host educational demos and safe, fun spaces for queer people to meet and enjoy! Her passion is to network with other people of color in the Leather community and support the mission of empowerment and education.

SIR Apollo, Judge

Mr Atlanta Eagle 2022

SIR Apollo is the current Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2022. He is a registered nurse, Leatherman and US Marine. He is an advocate for versatility in leather; and he believes that sex is not just physically healthy but also emotionally and mentally healthy. His mantra: Have as much sex as you want and have the sex life that you want given consent and safety.

SIR Apollo is a member of the Tom of Finland Foundation and Leather Archives and Museum. He organizes and promotes the monthly BLUF Atlanta Leather Social.

SIR Apollo is a PALS volunteer. He supported fundraising events for the Trans Housing community and Paragon Cooperative. He is currently planning and organizing efforts for a gay Atlanta based motorcycle club.

His kinks include fisting, flogging, impact play and sounding.

In his spare time, SIR Apollo is weight training, remodeling his play room, riding his Harley Davidson, or just busy being a dog dad.

Chris Gonzalez, Judge

Mr GNI Leather 2022

Christopher Gonzalez is the 1st Runner Up at IML 45, Mr GNI Leather 2022 and the former World Cub 2019/2020. A kinky nudist leather boy from Atlanta, GA he is an associate member of Command MC and Kentucky Bourbon Bears. He found the leather community while attending North American Bear and World Bear Weekend. His intersectionality of the two communities is at the root of who he is and his platform of body positivity and getting rid of false beauty standards stems from his time growing up as a performer. A RYT200 and Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher for 8+ years, he focuses on Bear Yoga and teaching bigger bodies to enjoy and benefit from the practice! As a Diversity Equity and Inclusion advocate, he has been on many diversity panels and round tables and also serves as a DE&I ally for the airline he works for. He is the current host of the Atlanta Jacks and a proponent for self love and expression. Chris flags White (Both), Magenta (Both) and Hunter Green (Right) and identifies as a Side/Switch.

Jay Jennings, Judge

Jay Jennings (he/him) blends his commitment to trans activism and organization with his interests in Leather and BDSM, particularly rope bondage and impact play. As a passionate trans activist, Jay advocates for greater visibility and acceptance within the LGBTQIA+ community, by sharing his personal journey to empower others to embrace their authentic selves with confidence. Jay is one of the founders of Trans Atlanta Social Club, a newly reorganized non-profit that seeks to provide opportunities and avenues for building community through positive activities. He brings his experiences to the Leather and Kink communities and believes that all bodies are sexy, beautiful, and have a place in the family.  In his spare time, Jay volunteers his time as a fluffer for his husband, Ames’, boudoir photography sessions.

Pup Kovalt, Judge

Georgia Puppy 2022

Kovalt (he\him) is the first ever (2022) Georgia Puppy title holder and a member of the board for the League of Atlanta Pups pushing for a united pet-player community promoting the idea of “One Pack for All”. Kovalt promotes his local kink communities, most recently teaching the Puppy 101 class at the first annual Kink Down South. For the 2023 Georgia Pup and Handle competition he served as Tally Master. Kovalt identifies as a German Shepherd who loves his friends fiercely and will protect them no matter what but with a playful side. Kovalt is usually found in the presence of his partner Pup Lantern and their pack-mate ResistiveWolf.

Myah Ross Monroe, Judge

Miss Gay USofA Classic 2022

Born in Memphis Tennessee raised by single mother, moved to Atlanta in 1991 to pursue a career in theater and dance .won 9 national titles, works currently at brushstrokes Atlanta for 16 years now the of the show directors for Atlanta eagle. Being doing drag for over 30 years . Proud to be 53 years old

Sister Ursula Polari

Blessing on all.  I’m Sister Ursula Polari, a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, Abbey of the Flaming Sugarbakers, Atlanta, GA.

I’m a native Atlantan and have lived in the metro area all my 65 years (guessing I’m the “senior element” of the group). I joined the Atlanta Sisters in 2009 as s charter member and have endeavored to fulfill two goals: “Comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” and the “Manifestation of Cosmic Joy through freedom of expression, charitable acts, community outreach and social activism.”

I’m honored to be a judge for Atlanta Leather Pride 2023 and wish all the contestants “Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor.”