Tyesha Best

Black and White: Intersectionality and Race Relations 101

A beginners approach to cultural and political issues that severely impacts POC Cultures and how allyship and activism works to elevate social justice for those affected.  We will discuss common terminology used in social justice circles and learn how to dialogue about sensitive topics effectively and safely.

The Culture and Iconography of Leatherwomen

This class will discuss the influences of social, liberal arts as well as the politics that influenced the culture for Leatherwomen and Leatherdykes.  We will examine various literature, photography, and fashion over the decades that Leather Culture has been in existence.  This class will explore key figures in our own Herstory and important events that helped advance and evolve our culture.  We will assess how mainstream icons and cultural events shaped and influence what we see in Leather yesterday and today.

Lady Steele

Consent: the Common Thread

Consent is key in every single BDSM philosophy from the most strict to the most lax of protocols. This discussion will cover three very important areas of consent. First, consent before a scene will be discussed. This is where we will talk about negotiation. Second, consent during a scene will be discussed. This is where we will talk about the responsibilities of the scene members during their particular interaction. Last, we will talk about the consent of bystanders. This is where we will talk about scenes involving both intended and unintended bystanders as well as the scene members' responsibility to both kinds of bystanders.

How to Develop Douche-Ray Vision

How is it that some people seem to breeze through life, keeping the drama, backbiting, and ugliness that is inherent to any social group to a minimum? They have “douche-ray vision,” meaning they know how to read people, separate the wheat from the chaff, and cultivate meaningful, valuable relationships that grow over time. Join Lady Steele as she shares her experience in developing her own “douche-ray vision”. She will even provide the names of reference material at the end so that you can start developing your own!

Master Dart & Sir Bart

"Cause and Effect" Bondage - The Joys of Predicament

Bondage becomes even more devilishly fun when the element of predicament is factored in.  Tying up a sub in a situation where their movement or struggles will have a dastardly effect makes the play more interesting and makes for some great entertainment for all parties involved. In this class Dart and Bart will demonstrate some of the creative evil ways you can put your bottom into some helpless predicaments!

One Knot - Endless Possibilities 

Rope bondage does not have to consist of overly elaborate knot tying.  Too many people shy away from learning bondage for fear they have to learn something "complicated".  More possibilites can be had when you start with something basic that can be modified into something very devious and multi-functional. That's the motto for this basic bondage class in which Sir Dart and Bart will teach some very easy but very practical rope ties for wrists, ankles, and whatever else one might like to cinch on their victim :)  There will be ample opportunity for practicing the variations, as well as exploring all the ways the techniques can be modified...opening up many possibilities for the rope top.  This is a hands on class so please be prepared to move.  If you have rope bring it...or you may borrow what we have.

Jack Handcock Coordinator – Atlanta’s Men in Rope

Building Blocks: Introductory Rope Bondage Toolbox for Freeform/Organic Play

This introductory rope bondage class is a hands-on participation class that will introduce you to a single column tie, double column tie, and the reverse tension.  We will then “play” with different ways to use these building blocks that do not require an “formal” patterns.  Along with teaching these building blocks, we will review safety tips and precautions associated with rope bondage.  This panel does not require any prior knowledge of rope bondage to participate.  If you would like to participant hands on rather than just observe bring along 2-4 pieces of 7-8m/25-30ft rope (limited supplies will be available to borrow). Those participating will be doing so under the principles of R.A.C.K. (Risk Aware Consensual Kink).

Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) an exploration of methods and toys to get your sadistic jollies off with CBT

This class is an introduction to the art of CBT.  We will discuss some of the do’s and don’ts associated with torturing the cock and balls.  From there, we will show and tell along with demo several different methods and toys related to CBT.  Rope, compression, electro, stretching, impact, and chastity to name a few methods being touched on.

Master Roy & Alphaboy Jeff/Leatherwoofcub

Corporal Funishment (Spanking in Particular)

So you enjoy a red bottom?  Come and see how to have FUN making it red or receiving a red one.  This workshop covers the basics, is beginner friendly and is certainly hands on!  We will talk about safety, implements, and the differences between punishment and funishment.  When finished we promise some red bare bottoms. Bring your favorite implement if you have one, otherwise there will be plenty to try out. So what do you have to lose, come on down and drop trou and turn the other cheek.  Participating in the funishment is encouraged.

Tactile Play (Skin, Nerve endings and Simulation)

Come learn how to simulate, over-indulge and make your submissive squirm/gasp and even scream.  Using your imagination, your hands, many different techniques, and things you’d never imagine to bring out true S&M in your kinky life.  We will explore body language, safety, and funny stories. This workshop is definitely for anyone from beginners to experts.  We will share our experience and knowledge of “how to” with demonstrations and we encourage attendees sharing, practicing, and experimenting.

Kevin (Rubrr) & Hunter


The purpose of this class is to inform about the practice of mummification bondage, specifically using cohesive bandage and duct tape, through demonstration and active participation.


Breath Control

Breath Control certainly lives on the Edge Play spectrum, and is not for everyone. This class will talk about different styles of breath control and breath play, as well as teach some techniques and have some very hands on demonstrations. If you’re curious about what breath control is, or just wanting to push your experience with it then be sure to join us.