This page will contain the SEBB 2018 weekend schedule

August 9-11, 2019

Friday 8/9 10:00P-3:00A SEBB Kickoff meet & greet w/ BDSM demos
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SEBB 2019 Class Schedule*
1:00-2:30 Bound Male Edging with MilkingCOACH on Alex Hawk
SIR/boy dynamics – SIR John Doan
Rope Suspension – Jack Handcock
Leatherwomen’s Forum – DC
3:00-4:30 Flogging – SIR John Doan
Cigar Service – Lady Steele & Master Inferno
Electro Play – Mark
ABDL – David Campbell
5:00 – 7:00 BBQ & Beer Bust (Dinner & Demos)
5:00-8:00 Happy Hour & Cigars
10:00-3:00 BOUND: SEBB dance party w/ DJ Neon the Glowgobear
1:00-2:30 Catharsis scenes – DC
Bound Male Milking with MilkingCOACH on Seamus O’Reilly
Caning – Lady Steele & Master Inferno
Violet Wand play – Jonathan White
3:00 – 6:00 Kink Alley Cigar Party W/ Demos

*class schedule subject to change

workshop descriptions being added as available.

ABDL – David Campbell

ABDL stands for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. Come and hear the story of how a rubber fetishist writer, a seamstress grandmother, and transsexual publisher in the 1970s started the early embers that would grow into a worldwide community of millions. Learn practical aspects of using diapers for watersports, extended bondage, humiliation, or just as a standalone kink to explore and enjoy. With over 20 diaper companies and 100 different prints and styles to choose from, there’s no better place to take your first steps than here at our ABDL 101. You’ll never wait in line for the bar bathroom again.

Bound Male Milking – Coach

Why edging & milking? How are these different from handjobs? Two
VERY good questions and CØACH is going to tell you why & how … and teach you techniques that make men come back to his dugout over & over. He’ll also guide you on cum control and making your pleasure last: before, during and after orgasm! You’ll never think of masturbation the same again!


Canes…the mere mention of them conjures up all sorts of thoughts and feelings, but the practice of caning doesn’t have to be cold and yielding.  Join Master Inferno for a “how to” in regards to the art of caning.  He will cover topics such as the types of canes, different cane strikes, whether or not the cane can be used as an insertable (spoiler:  the answer is yes), reading your bottom, and care before, during, and after your scene.

Catharsis Play

Catharsis is the process of releasing. During this class we will explore the purging of pent up energy and emotions through impact and bondage, the social aspects of such play, and the responsibilities of all parties involved.

Cigar Service and Play 
You have seen people smoking cigars at events, but how do the worlds of smoking pleasure and fetish intersect? What does serving a cigar entail? Receiving this service? What do you do with the ash? Is there more to cigar play than just smoking the cigar? These questions will be answered as Master Inferno and Lady Steele speak about and demonstrate this very elegant form of service.


Learn about electro play focusing on safety, e-stim power units, electrodes, and related gear. The class will include a demo with “tips and tricks” for a successful session, and avoiding the dreaded “pins and needles” sensation.  We’ll finish with a discussion about incorporating electro into a larger BDSM experience. Participants are encouraged to bring their favorite gear for show and tell.

Flogging – SIR John Doan

SIR John’s thought process, development, and practice of this art. Come find out how to lash it out!

It’s Time to Fly: An Introduction to Rope Suspension

So, you have already learned some harnesses and have become confident in your tying; come and learn what it takes to do your first rope suspension.  Starting with partial suspensions, we will look at how to connect uplines, rope management, time management, and of course safety.  From there we will move into a full suspension and discuss some techniques for the scene.  This class will be run in a demo and discussion setting rather than hands on participation.  While all are welcome to attend, this class is geared towards those who have already developed a base foundation of rope knowledge. Rope is inherently dangerous, engaging in rope bondage should be done under the principles of R.A.C.K. (Risk Aware Consensual Kink).

Leatherwomen’s Forum – DC

Join Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2019 as she leads a conversation on women in the leather community. For women identified, non-binary or gender-queer, and allies of women, this forum serves as a place to discuss and uplift women in Leather and speak about where we hope to head. After our discussion, we will end with a brief drum circle like to ignite our passion and enhance our sisterhood.
SIR/boy dynamics – SIR John Doan
Those who are interested in the lifestyle: protocol, scenes, day-to-day, play, sex, titles, powers.
Come. Let’s delve and discuss. SIR John and boy michael’s perspective.

Violet Wand Play – Sir Jonathan

Learn the differences in violet wands and see how various attachments and accessories can create
different sensations. This versatile tool is a great addition for other play as well including rope and
impact. You will also learn how to keep yourself and your play partner safe when exploring electro play.
Come see if this sparks your interest.