This page will contain the SEBB 2018 weekend schedule

August 10-12, 2018

Friday 8/10 10:00P-3:00A SEBB Kickoff meet & greet w/ BDSM demos
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SEBB 2018 Class Schedule*
1:00-2:30 The Fruition of Fantasy -Bringing Your Unique Kink to Life – Master Dart & Zack
Fire Play – Michael Darkram
Introduction to Male Edging & Milking – MilkingCoach
Introduction to Erotic/BDSM Hypnosis
– Neil
3:00-4:30 Cause and Effect – the joys of predicament bondage – Master Dart & Sir Bart
Advanced Male Edging & Milking – MilkingCoach
Polyamory Relationships and balancing them – Jonathan Fenrir
Needle Play – Michael
5:00 – 7:00 BBQ & Beer Bust (Dinner & Demos)
5:00-8:00 Happy Hour & Cigars
10:00-3:00 GRIND: SEBB Pig Dance w/ DJ Neon the GloGoBear
1:00-2:30 Basic Hypnosis Techniques – Neil
Balancing Recovery and Kink – David Holland
Rubber Play, Care, and Maintenance – Gman
Scene Flogging – Zack
3:00 – 6:00 Kink Alley Cigar Party W/ Demos

*class schedule subject to change

The Fruition of Fantasy -Bringing Your Unique Kink to Life

Everyone has their various kinks and fetishes; some more unique than others and some more private than others.  Having the courage and desire to bring them to life often evokes a euphoric sense of exhilaration and transformation.  However, the process of actually bringing a fantasy to reality can be laden with challenges. The courage to transform one’s persona may come with obstacles such as: judgment by others, judgment of self, personal confidence, cultural acceptance, or a lack of ‘history’ – particularly if your fetish is not considered mainstream. What must change for you, and those participating in your fantasy, to become truly self-actualized by bringing your fantasy to life?  How do you embrace and celebrate its uniqueness without being influenced by what is the ‘norm’ as perceived by our fetish collective?  How does one go about changing this perception to achieve acceptance in your fantasy persona?

Master Dart (in his “strongman” persona) will facilitate this workshop together with, Master Zack (his “Captor”).   Together they will discuss how the transformation into a fantasy may necessitate change not only of yourself, but also the perceptions and expectations of those around you.  Strongman and Captor will share their personal journey of bringing this fantasy to life and the process and months of preparations that were necessary to make it successful.  Join them in the workshop to hear how people reacted to the fantasy and what challenges and initial misconceptions were overcome to gain a high level of acceptance and self-actualization.

Keep an eye out for strongman, Captor and his Handlers throughout the weekend.  This fantasy turned reality is more than just a workshop….as you’ll see. During the event they readily invite, and encourage you, to talk and interact with them and become a part of the collective experience

Fireplay – 

Fire! The world’s most ancient point of fear and intrigue. Our human nature dictates both, and that’s why its appeal and utilization in kink is one of the most potentially powerful skills one can hold in their arsenal!

But it is also an intimidating skill.  You need the right knowledge; the right equipment; and a very particular environment for you to indulge in this type of play. Hence why so many are cautious and slow getting into this dynamic style of sensory play that toys on our most primal of fears and apprehensions.

This class is an introductory class for those passionate about looking past the visual flash and flare of fire play so they can safely find the basic skills to get into fire massage and cupping.


With a little bit of safety education, training and practice, we will seek to turn this intimidating type of play into some of the safest, sexiest, and most sensual play one can experience. We will also toy with the primal fear that fire creates and build on the intimidation value and work on edging the fire from pleasure to pain while keeping the experience safe for everyone involved.

This workshop is a great beginner class, as we will take you from building your kit to a variety of basic techniques to use with your fire play scenes, including the fire cupping techniques that are useful as a massage technique, a way to inflict intense pain, and enhance more sensual scenes.

This Class will Cover:

* How to construct your own reusable wands.

* Safety when conducting fire play.

* Negotiation techniques before you start playing with fire with a partner.

* Fire massage, fire cupping, and spray-enhanced fire techniques.

* Tips and tricks for changing a scene from sensual to punishing and back again.

Self play with fire is doable, but we highly recommend you bring a partner or make friends with someone in the class! If you are someone with body hair you may want to shave or otherwise shorten that body hair before you practice, unless you like the scent of burnt hair!  And please, if you intend on trying fire as a bottom, do not wear lotions, perfumes or colognes! These may be flammable.

You will receive an Understanding Fire 101 packet complete with list of items you may choose to bring to build your own fire-play kit, but the class will also have fire wands you can purchase on site.

Introduction to edging & milking: Why edging & milking? How are these different from handjobs? Two VERY good questions and CØACH is going to tell you why & how … and teach you techniques that make men come back to his dugout over & over. He’ll also guide you on cum control and making your pleasure last: before, during and after orgasm! You’ll never think of masturbation the same again!

Introduction to Erotic/BDSM Hypnosis

This class is open to anyone with an interest in hypnosis and its erotic and kinky uses. We’ll cover the following topics:

– What hypnosis is (and isn’t)

– A brief history of hypnosis

– What can (and can’t) be done with erotic hypnosis

– How hypnosis can be used to enhance a BDSM scene, or as a scene on its own

– The ethics and risks of hypnosis play

There will be a short demo, as well as Q&A.

“Cause and Effect” Bondage – The Joys of Predicament

Bondage becomes even more devilishly fun when the element of predicament is factored in.  Tying up a sub in a situation where their movement or struggles will have a dastardly effect makes the play more interesting and makes for some great entertainment for all parties involved. In this class Dart and Bart will demonstrate some of the creative evil ways you can put your bottom into some helpless predicaments!

Advanced edging & milking:

Now that you know the ins and outs of edging & milking, CØACH is going to show you how to step it up a bit and make the experience truly unforgettable. With bondage techniques, using toys and demonstrating prostate milking you’ll see how you can get the most out of a session and maybe use your own skills under CØACH’s tutelage. This one is going to be HOT!

Polyamory Relationships and balancing them – 

Relationships are hard between two people.  Adding in a third (fourth, fifth, etc…) to that makes it exponentially more difficult.  With this workshop we will discuss the different components that go into Polyamorous relationships and how to make them work.  We will talk about the communication that is required, the balance, and the pros and cons of this relationship model.

Needle Play

Pain is complex and complicated. It is something to be nurtured and respected, and at times orchestrated to a bloody crescendo.

This class will teach you the basics on how to properly administer, inflict and harness that pain subdermally through the art of needle play.

From the first mild pinprick you ever lay upon someone to the most dopamine driving plunge of mutiple large gauge needles, you’ll walk away understanding how not only to safely navigate a play scene with needles, but to elicit those chemicals in the brain that create the translike states obtainable when steel meets the meat.

Basic Hypnosis Techniques

This class is for those interested in learning how to hypnotize. It will build on the information given in the Introduction to Erotic/BDSM Hypnosis class. We’ll cover the following topics:

– The pre-talk
– Inductions and deepeners
– Setting a re-induction trigger
– Waking the subject up
– Assessing depth
– How to phrase suggestions
– Some common (and fun) erotic/BDSM suggestions

Balancing Recovery and Kink 

“We all have sex problems. We would hardly be human if we didn’t.” This line from the book Alcoholics Anonymous helps to introduce the reader to what is surprisingly a rather forward-thinking, sex-positive discussion on sexuality. However, many kinky individuals attempting to overcome substance use issues through 12-Step programs get confused. What exactly is a “sex problem,” and what is just a perfectly healthy expression of sexuality? This workshop will explore this question with experiences from the workshop leader as well as an opportunity for questions and answers. The workshop is appropriate for anyone who is exploring their sexuality in recovery as well as anyone who thinks they may have a substance use issue – and their friends and partners.

Rubber Play, Care, and Maintenance 

GMan will be teaching us all about the maintenance and care of Rubber/Latex items including how to do basic repair work.  He will also be teaching us lots of fun things to do in Rubber/Latex to have the slippery time of your life.

Scene Flogging

Flogging workshops will often cover the mechanical basics of the skill, but rarely do they delve into the deeper realm of flogging as a more personal “scene”. Many people can wield floggers with beautiful precision and theatrical flair – which is fascinating to watch! But, what happens when we take our floggers home from the bars and workshops and into more private settings, a more intimate feel and allow a deeper headspace than can be achieved in a public space?. In this class we’ll examine some of the techniques of focused flogging as a more intimate scene. What makes this form of flogging different?  How are our headspaces altered?  I will encourage a group discussion where you are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences as well as being presented with a few ideas you may not have considered.  Please bring your floggers and be willing to share their stories – every flogger has a unique story!