Atlanta Dominion

Atlanta Dominion is an Atlanta based periodic dungeon party and all male kink event.  We held the first party in April 2011 and have been hosting quarterly parties ever since (with the exception of 2020).  Since then we have had over 3,000 guys thru the doors for BDSM and Kink adventures shared with one another. 

The timing and location of events is shared with members of the group.


Atlanta Dominion is a BDSM play party for men age 21+. We host 60+ men doing all sorts of consensual acts of bondage, sadomasochism, and domination/submission.
We keep the location of the events private for our members.
No.  Once you are a member, you are automatically on the approved invite list. Just make sure you preregister for the individual events.
When you fill out the form on the membership page, you will be asked to provide a social media presence or the email of a member who can vouch for you.
No, membership applications must be received a minimum of 4 days prior to the day of the event.
If they are not a member, no.
Yes, but you have to provide your own lock.
$20 through preregistration or CASH ONLY at the door.
Please visit our dungeon rules page.