Dungeon Rules

  1. Risk-Aware Consensual Kink. Always. Ask for consent.
  2. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted. No exceptions.
  3. No cell phones or cameras in the dungeon areas. Lockers available, but you must provide your own lock.
  4. Casual conversation is limited.
  5. Show respect for a scene, keep a distance, and don’t touch. The Top may invite you to participate in a scene, but you should only enter that scene after receiving an invitation.
  6. Show respect for others’ gear. If you would like to borrow something, be nice, ask politely, and return it clean.
  7. If you wear cologne here, you’re likely to get thrown in the shower.
  8. Clean up your toys, your space, and yourself after the scene.
  9. Safer Sex is the house rule.
  10. Don’t monopolize an area or piece of equipment.
  11. If a scene is “not for you”, commentary is unnecessary. Just walk away. If you think something is inappropriate, find an Dungeon Master and let them know.
  12. Keep big distances for any whipping or flogging scenes and observe total silence in those areas. We all want to go home with all our original body parts. Chances are if you get hit, it’s your fault. The play space is sacred to both the Top and the bottom.
  13. “NO” doesn’t mean “No, I don’t like you”. If someone turns you down it may simply mean that their dance card is full. Don’t be that guy.
  14. RED is the house safe word for all play. YELLOW means slow down. If gagged, and words are unintelligible, 3 short “grunts” means stop.
  15. Giving advice to another Top is totally uncalled for. If you have concerns about safety contact the Dungeon Master.
  16. If there are problems then absolute and total respect of the Dungeon Master’s decision is required. If a DM says a scene is over, it is over. If a Top feels that the DM has stepped out of line or over-reacted, civil discussions will be held outside the play space. Failure to show respect for a DM’s decision will be grounds for removal from the membership list.
  17. Snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments will be provided. Food donations are always appreciated.