SEBB Weekend 2024 Classes

Our list of classes are continuing to be updated. Please check-in as we get closer to February 23rd to see the most current list of classes and descriptions.

Sir John
This course will define the act of caning. What is involved? Where and how can one be caned? We shall go over the devices used and the anatomy of the target. Now, get off my lawn, unless you want some lashings!
Have your thoughts about being caged or caging someone? Are you new to chastity play and interested in learning more? Is chastity your kink, and do you want to know more about the best practices of a caged cock. Chastity 101, led by Nash, offers a practical layman's guide to chastity. During your time, they will instruct you on selecting a cage, wearing it, and staying locked. Learn facts, myths, and legends surrounding chastity.

Chastity, like many kinks, requires engagement. During the class, live models will be available to view up close, and a variety of styles will be available for try-on. Note: this class will feature chastity cages designed for male genitals.
Sir John
This class will give you the basic anatomy of the cock and balls. Before doling kinky acts like pressure, pain, and stretch, one should know the basic anatomy and how to elicit certain sensations, according to the partner’s anatomic makeup. Let’s hang!
Ames Beckerman & Pup Dante
Join Ames and Dante for an informative conversation and interactive demo on how to create your own kink content on a budget. We will discuss lighting and gear, working with the space you have, and ways to get creative using practical DIY techniques! This session will empower aspiring content creators to explore their creativity within the kink community.
Male submissives represent one of the smallest groups within the kink/BDSM community. CreamDream will discuss the challenges and some solutions for dispelling male submissive stereotypes. Leave empowered with the social skills to participate confidently as a male submissive in the kink/BDSM community.
David Campbell
Class description: ABDL stands for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. Learn practical aspects of using diapers for watersports, extended bondage, humiliation, or just as a standalone kink to explore and enjoy. With over 20 diaper companies and 100 different prints and styles to choose from, there’s no better place to take your first steps than here at our ABDL 101. You’ll never wait in line for the bar bathroom again.
Thet feet are the gateway to the body. Come learn the basics of foot worship, reflexology, and the numerous ways to give those little piggies the love and attention they deserve.
Alex Bishop
Fire is one of the oldest elements known to man. It draws us in and makes us want to touch it. We are taught young that it is dangerous and unsafe to handle. But danger is half the fun! Come learn how to properly control and play with fire, without getting burned. We will be covering Safety, Care and different ways to add fire to your play. Some come and join us as we play with fire. A RACK class.
Ms DDom & CreamDream
Navigating the community is everything; we can sometimes end up on a crash-course. How urgent is it to truly make the community as diverse? Where do we find the community going of course? How does negotiating authority-based dynamics affect one’s ability to be authentic and transparent about their desires? Is race a serious discussion when it comes to negotiating a dynamic/play partner? When did you realize leather and race have a connection to you?
Pup Volt
This beginner-friendly class will introduce you to the basic tools and knots that you’ll need to bring rope bondage to the bedroom or the dungeon. Topics to be covered will include:

1. Basic bondage knots, including single-column tie (with and without quick-release), double-column tie, reverse tension, and half-hitch.
2. Safety tips and precautions for both rope tops and rope bottoms.
3. How to incorporate the above tools when tying a person to a bed, chair, bench, column, or other piece of furniture.

Participation will be hands-on and will include 1-on-1 guidance from the instructor as time permits. You are NOT required to have any previous knowledge or experience with rope bondage in order to participate. Participants are also welcome to bring their own rope (consider bringing 2-3 pieces of 25-30 ft. rope), but a limited supply will be available to be borrowed during the class.
Running Aemok
Negotiations are one of the most important lessons we can learn in life. For anyone venturing into the kink landscape, it's even more important as we frequently push boundaries and play in taboo subjects! From pick-up play to long-term relationships, good negotiation skills can make the difference between any/all parties enjoying themselves or walking away feeling hurt or violated. But how do newcomers and seasoned members of the community learn and hone the skills to be successful in negotiation? For the most part, it's a lot of trial and error but what if you had a space to practice these skills and get feedback? Join us for a discussion of the whys and hows of negotiation, the importance of consent and communication, and hands-on practice in honing your skills.
Holly Myst
Do you have leather but don’t know how to care for it? Interested in bootblacking but don’t know where to start? Want to pick up a new and useful skill? Well, this is the class for you!

In this class, we will cover the fundamentals of leather care; including leather identification, cleaning, conditioning, polishing and storage. It will also be a forum to ask questions about your leather. By the end of the class, Holly will provide the necessary steps of taking care of your leather, how to build your own kit, and resources to find credible information on leather care.
Half discussion group, and half mocktail hour! Join Bull as he talks about the intersectionality of sex and recovery. This will be a broad ranging, and partially group-led, discussion. Bull will cover some important discoveries he’s made on this journey, and also take questions or comments for group discussion. This class is intended for any guest; whether you’re in recovery yourself, considering harm reduction, or just interested to know more about BDSM from the perspective of a person in recovery.
Master Archer
From at least Neolithic times people have marked themselves in various ways. Marking bodies was done to indicate familial lines, tribal status, and the deities who they worshiped. While they were no doubt artistic they were also a source of protection and other magic provided by ancestral spirits and deities. Archer completed Fakir’s Basic Body Piercing and Branding Intensives in 2014.
Today, branding is mostly a decorative body modification. In this class we will discuss various methods of hot branding, how to design brands, how brand design affects the techniques you will select from to give the best results, and limitations of techniques. Share a moment of time with us as we use one or more hot branding techniques to access the magic in the marks.
Casting is not only a form of medfet but also has many bondage options too. Learn about casting, including safety, materials needed, how to cast, different types of casts, and how you can incorporate them into your next scene.
Come get stuck with us as we teach you the basics on gluing yourself or others together.
Goddess Tonya
This is an interactive class. You will have the opportunity to pierce yourself as part of this learning experience.

We will cover basic safety and piercing concepts as well as many ways needles can be used for play. This class will include several demos. There is likely to be small amounts of visible blood.

We will also cover creating your piercing kit and where to shop for all the things you need.

This class is open to and created for all bodies, identities, and all skill levels.
Daddy Rod
Part sensation play, part impact play, and part just damn fine fun between consenting adults!

This class you will learn:
1 . Exactly how to do negotiation, discussion, consent, and all those other verbal / emotional things that makes play so much more amazing.
2. Warm-up. Because, y'know, warm-up. Especially if you're not very experienced. Knowing how to do warm-up generally separates the fabulous from the annoying.
3. Occasional glances in the direction of tantra, breathing techniques, and spanking as a spiritual / meditative practice.
4. How to 'read' your partner. (Or, said differently: How to take your partner to some deeply amazing places).
5. The different implement of spanking; barehand, leather and wooden paddles, frat paddles, hairbrushes, wooden spoons, and other domestic goodies.
6. Psychology, props, atmosphere, and attire of Spanking and Domestic Discipline.
7. Cross over fetishes: Daddy or Grand Daddy; Uncle; School Teacher; Coach; Pledge Master; Priest or Pastor, and more!
Sheperd & Captain Adam
If you have ever tried to juggle work, family, and even a single partner, you know the difficulties of managing multiple relationships on top the ‘real-life stuff’. We will discuss relationship strategies, including time-management techniques, long-distance (or even across-the-city) communication ideas, and relationship rituals to help you- and your partners- keep your sanity and your love.
This class takes an interactive and intersectional look at your inner slut. We will discuss areas of physical and mental health, safety, risk management, ethics, logistics, and fun as we explore what it means to unleash your inner slut on the world. Facilitated by the infamous Bull; “renowned” slut and “acclaimed” whore - Responsible Slutting will not give medical or legal advice, but will guide you in making decisions meant to mitigate risk as you explore the sticky world of high-volume sex in our new world
Running Aemok
Too often we get tied up in the seriousness of rope. Prepare yourself as we integrate games and laughter into our scenes and let your sadist’s silly side come out. Bring a good attitude, a bit of rope, your favorite dice, an evil streak, and let the games begin!
Where is the line between, “He gets to choose how we have sex,” and “I am pretty sure I didn’t consent to that”? What about, “I realize that I wanted to be cuckolded, but I’m not sure my sexual health is being taken into account here”? The line between, “I want you to make my decisions,” and, “but not that one!” can be very thin.
Ames Beckerman & Jay Jennings
Come learn helpful tips and tools for conversation, negotiation, and play with members of the trans-masc community.
Learn different styles and techniques with the smooth and warm feeling of wax. From start to finish, we will cover the basics to the advanced.
Captain Adam
This class covers key considerations and best practices for ensuring the best possible outcomes when presented with a medical or behavioral health emergency at your kink event or venue. Drawn from decades of experience and thousands of patients in a wide variety of fringe venues, we’ll cover how to manage these emergencies when the patient is at risk not only because of what’s happened, but because of who and where they are.
Ms DDom
What is power exchange and how does it pertain to relationship dynamics involving women? What challenges do women encounter when delving in power exchange? What is required to create goals and celebrate triumphs for women desiring exchange power in their life? The purpose of this workshop is to inspire and encourage women to be empowered while living in a power exchange dynamic (short or long-term).